Imagine Etiquette Youth Foundation (IEYF) is a 501(c)(3), Non-Profit Corporation whose mission is to empower, encourage, and elevate disadvantaged youth through programs that teach basic and advanced skills necessary to successfully navigate life and to reach one's full potential. Core to IEYF is the fundamental goal to encourage economic empowerment.



IEYF is the sister organization to Imagine Etiquette, Inc. (IEIC) and was established to provide a pathway, regardless of ability to pay, to gaining the skills necessary to enter adulthood successfully.


In order to escape the cycle of poverty that many children of color are born into they must become proficient at managing finances.



We envision a society where youth of all backgrounds possess the life and financial skills necessary

to succeed in life as adults and are able to compete on a leveling playing field for all opportunities regardless of race, religion, or economics of family of origin.

Mental Health & Wellness Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended our first mental health program. More programs like this will be coming. Be sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.



Within our 6th –12th grade summer programs, IEYF teaches a "Behavioral Finance & Lifestyle'' course composed of etiquette, financial literacy, and life skills. Each skill is equally important to achieving economic empowerment.

IEYF's summer program helps students gain knowledge and expertise with money management, etiquette, mental health, and wellness resources, thereby creating a lifestyle that builds stronger families, progressive neighborhoods, and thriving communities.

Essential Courses


Students learn about personal development, proper manners, politeness, respect, character building, and integrity as well as creating a positive image.

Financial Literacy

Students learn the importance of financial responsibility and independence. We teach how to save, spend, and create a budget in order to achieve their goals. We aim to educate youth on the patterns of poverty dependence, and provide them with the financial knowledge and best practices to break the cycle.

Life Skills

Through life skills development, students build and learn how to maintain self-esteem, create and set personal and career goals, develop relationships, resolve conflict, master job interviewing techniques, and create a resume.

Mental Health Awareness and Support:

Students are provided with services that incorporate social emotional learning with IEYF's life skills.  Activities include art, creating games for feelings including anxiety and anger, and confidence building.



Each year, high-achieving students will be eligible for IEYF scholarships to bridge the gap between tuition and other necessary college expenses. In many cases, financial aid only covers tuition fees leaving students burdened with finding additional financial support for housing, food, and books.



Investing in our children benefits us all. 

We could not accomplish our goals without the support and generosity of our donors. 

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